Monday, 24 July 2017

Friendolgoy Shared Morning Tea - Friday 11th August

25th July 2017

Dear Year 5 & 6 Parents,

Re: Friendology 101 Shared Morning Tea (Friday 11th August)

To celebrate the end of our Friendology 101 sessions we would like to have a shared morning tea on Friday 11th August beginning at 10am.

If all girls could please bring in a small plate of food to share that would be wonderful! Please be mindful that refrigeration space is limited.

We will be sharing our Sole Projects with each other and will enjoy the afternoon reflecting on the process and skills that we have learnt over the last term and a half and enjoying each other’s company. In our sessions we have looked at:
1. How to Get Real – focuses on the importance of being true to who you are, embracing your unique self, and dispelling myths around gender stereotypes.
2. How to Make Friends – focuses on the art of friendship-making starting with how to introduce yourself, find something in common, and have a conversation. Students also learn what’s normal in a friendship through the 4 Friendship Facts.
3. How to Be a Great Friend – focuses on the difference between healthy and unhealthy friendships using the Friend-o-meter, attributes of a great friend, and the importance of spending the most time in healthy friendships.
4. How to Put out Friendship Fires – focuses on putting a voice to your feelings and conflict-resolution using our step-by-step approach for putting out Friendship Fires®.
5. How to be a Friendship Ninja – focuses on understanding the difference between normal conflict (Friendship Fires®) and Mean-on-Purpose behaviour. Students learn how to say a Quick Comeback and report to a grown up to combat intentional unkind behaviour.
6. How to Handle Tricky Situations – highlights hot topics and common challenges in tween friendships including how to handle being in the middle, managing birthday parties, how to say “No!” to friends without feeling mean, and how to keep friendships healthy online. Students also learn the importance of expressing how you feel and being a good listener.
7. How to Take Control & Feel Heard – focuses on taking control of butterflies (e.g. anxiety) and strategies for managing those ‘movies’ in our minds.
8. How to remember URSTRONG! – brings all the topics together by reviewing and reinforcing important concepts, recognizing the strengths in one another, and a chance for each child to showcase their “sole”.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Kind regards,

Caitlin Delane